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EU Pro-Am S3 #2





Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Applies for all tournaments ran in this Discord

Your Challonge entry must match your Discord name and CFN, if i can not find you on discord you will be DQ'd!


Effective immediately, all unsportsmanlike conduct directed towards other members, will result in a temporary 1 week ban from all SFD Tournaments. Repeat offenders will be dealt with accordingly.


Update your discord name on the server to include your CFN. This makes it easier to find matches as well as TOs locating fighters.


1.      The TO for this will be Manny

2.      Firkraag will be streaming for us. The twitch stream will be linked here:





·         Must be apart of discord group AND in Europe       

o   https://discord.gg/qBB6mq5

·         Participants MUST check-in before tournament starts or they will be kicked       

o   Check in is a full hour before tournament so you have time   

·         Participants must complete ROUND 1 within 15 minutes, from when the initial request is sent. If you cannot find your opponent after 10 minutes please contact a Tournament Official.   

·         After ROUND 1 participants have 10 minutes from the initial request to join their opponent. After 5 minutes please contact a Tournament Official so he can contact your opponent and make a ruling.            

o   Participants SHOULD NOT disqualify other competitors, only TOs!   

·         Bracket will be shuffled randomly before tournament kicks-off

·         Every set should be a FT2 -UNLESS- it is TOP 4 which will be FT3

·         Laggy Matches       

o   If you experience an incredibly laggy match you can ping @Manny and we will request both players to perform a speed test. This speedtest must be performed on a computer.            

o   If both players have similar test results we will ask both players to retry the match, if lag persists whoever has the lower score will be DQd from that match (if the match is winners side the person is sent to losers, losers side is out of the tournament).       

o   TOs word is final.


General Participant Code of Conduct:

Participants may report their scores after matches - Honor code. If you believe something was incorrectly scored please have screenshots and message @Manny or @rwgoalie39 in Discord.


冠军: SunMate
有价值对手: Pokey86
不在今天: KurtJC


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